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   Looking at a church and seeing sinners is one thing. But labeling a church as full of hypocrites is entirely different. A church is not a venue where super saints meet to impress one another. It is a hospital for the sick; meaning the sinner. Christ came for the sinner. And He had choice words for the Pharisees who believed they were one hundred percent right and they knew it all. The problem with knowing it all is this: You stop learning!

   Our entire life would be programmed by unqualified bystanders if live in fear of being less than perfect. We are less than perfect! However, the only perfect One, God in flesh, made His way to us to display and to lead the only way there is. Why pretend to be something we can't possibly be unless we follow His lead and allow the Holy Spirit start changing us one desire at a time? If you are one of those who start a certain diet and quit shortly after because reaching the goal seems too far, you'll be finding one excuse after another to stay away. This journey of Christianity is a lifelong affair and there are no shortcuts. There is no arrival date until the day we get to stand before the Almighty God. This is the only ride during which we get to put on the seatbelt and say, "Take me to I AM!"

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