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   A hypocrite is a pretender; in other words, one who hides behind a mask; a liar. Though we may possess traces of hypocrisy even after we claim Christ as our Lord and Savior; through Him, and only through Him, we are forgiven sinners. We grow tired of people saying one thing and practicing the opposite; but that's exactly what happens to all of us if and when we don't allow the Holy Spirit take complete control of our being. Going to church regularly or participating in church related events doesn't automatically change anyone's behavior. Because for the most part, people go to church for all sorts of reasons. Some go to seek the truth and learn more about a relationship with God Almighty. Yet some have made it into a ritual and feel good about sticking to it; or they simply have a need to be around other people and feel the energy. Whatever the reason might be, we all are pretenders while the Holy Spirit is changing us from the inside out; because we can not manufacture Christian behavior on our own; lest we desire to embark for the most exhausting journey there ever was.

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