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Derek Taylor
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We are all living our own lives travelling our own paths, these paths are all very different. One thing we do have in common, we are all learning and fighting our own battles, no matter how easy another's life may appear on the exterior, we never know what is going on inside. We all come in different packaging, inside, we are all the same. The wrapping may vary but by going deeper we realize our "different" lives are very similar. We all experience anger, happiness and loss, we rejoice, we grieve and we hurt. We all struggle with difficult choices and decisions. We all love, we all lose and we all win. It is important we be accepting of those who may seem different from us, in getting to know them, we usually learn how most of life's challenges and triumphs are universal. This will enable us to look beyond our "wrapping" the difference in color, culture, beliefs, preference in clothes, style, etc, to the very heart and soul of the human experience. Let us accept and honor our differences as well as our similarities, always looking inside for those things that bind us and not those that separate us.

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Less traveled yet the most fulfilling path ever. Thank you Derek.
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