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A minister went to a widow's home, wanting to be of help, since he knew she was very poor. He knocked at the door several times and walked away thinking she wasn't home. He ran into her at church later on, and told her he had tried to visit her around noon that day. She looked sad and confused as she said, "I was home sir, and I'm so sorry I didn't answer. I thought it was the landlord wanting to collect rent." How often have we missed opportunities simply because we have stopped hoping and expecting God's grace? After all, He extends His grace through the willingness of His servants to help us out as often as there is need.

Romans 4: 5 reads, "But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness." The Judge of the entire universe is willing to justify the ungodly! Could there be any better way to define grace? I'm pretty sure those who hate the doctrines of the cross could have a field day with this one statement. Yet God takes on this title "Him that justifies the ungodly" through the words of His servant Paul, and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He makes "just" those who are unjust, forgives those who deserve punishment, and favors those who deserve no favor.

The gospel always brings us something good. It's not about law, duty, and punishment. It's about love, goodness, forgiveness, mercy, and eternal life. It's meant to invite us to a meeting concerning our present and eternal happiness. It's actually the very hand that was nailed to the tree knocking at our door, to be exact. We must hearken diligently, letting the good word penetrate into our souls and nullify worldly misconceptions. It's by reading God's Word that faith will seep into our hearts, and we'll be able to make room for the Holy Spirit. Let us not act as if we're not at home; turn a deaf ear, or a careless heart. Let us be willing to ready ourselves for the infilling of God's grace.

Should we continue to depend on our good deeds in order to attract God's blessings? Should we count on previous accomplishments thinking that they might lead us to greater missions? Only God can enlarge our territories; and He does so based on our grateful and humble attitude. He does, not because we are just, but to make us so: He justifies the ungodly.


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